ORO Food Truck



Rainbow Hash $6.00

Gold potatoes, onions, rainbow peppers, jalapeños, served with ORO’s Chimichurri sauce, parsley and avocado. V, GF


Gold Fever Hash $8.00

Everything under the Rainbow (Hash above) plus chorizo and cheese GF

Irrational Hash $8.00

Sweet potatoes, ORO’s spicy Italian Sausage, maple syrup, butter and fresh sage GF

Red-Eye Hash $8.00

Red potatoes, chorizo and ORO’s Pico de Gallo (tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, corn, black beans, lime juice and cilantro) topped with cheese and cilantro GF

Buffalo Hash $8.00

Yellow potatoes, roasted shredded chicken, ORO’S spicy Buffalo Sauce, blue cheese and celery GF

COMING SOON: Pot Roast Hash $8.00

Shredded beef, roasted broccoli, cauliflower and carrots with gravy 


Sluicebox Slider $6.00 each (when in season)

3-4 ounce Alaskan Salmon Filet with horseradish cream and fresh arugula on slider bun, served chilled

Taku Slider $5.00 each

Smoked Salmon Salad with horseradish cream and fresh arugula on slider bun, served chilled

Buffalo Brioche $7.00

Roasted Shredded Chicken, ORO’s spicy Buffalo Sauce, on Brioche Bun, topped with blue cheese and celery (cold sandwich)

Chimichurri Ciabatta $7.00

Roasted Shredded Chicken, ORO’s chimichurri sauce, on Ciabatta Bun, yogurt, mixed greens, tomato and avocado (cold sandwich)

Tres Tacos $5.00

Three pan-fried corn tortillas filled with chorizo or chicken, ORO’s pico-de-gallo and cheese, served with cilantro and lime.

Prospector Pockets $7.00

Sweet baby shrimp layered in Pita Bread with shredded lettuce, jalapeño lime jelly, sour cream, tomatoes and dill


Bonanza Beans $6.00

Slow Baked Beans with bacon, whiskey, maple syrup and sriracha, topped with polenta gold coin “Pirate Cake” GF

Boomtown Soup $6.00

Butternut Squash and Apples with Curry, topped with Spiced Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) GF

Sunburst Soup $6.00

Roasted Yellow Tomatoes and Sweet Yellow Peppers, with chorizo and fresh basil GF

Chicken Corn Chowder $6.00

Corn, shredded chicken, potatoes, jalapeño, cilantro and cream


EGG $2.00 on top of anything

CeCe Bean Salad $4.00

Chickpeas and Edamame, minced veggies and golden raisins, ORO’s red wine vinaigrette V, GF

Crispy Smashed Spuds $4.00

Mini Medley smashed potatoes, marinated and baked crispy, ORO’s smoky sweet BBQ dipping sauce V

Warm Pita Chips with Hummus $4.00 

Rock Hound Blondie $2.00

Almond-Butterscotch Cookie with Nuts and Seeds

Black Diamond Macaroons $2.00

Chocolate Coconut Espresso Macaroon Cookie

Italian Soda $2.00

Soda, Raspberry or Lemon Syrup with a touch of fresh cream

Terere’ Ice Tea $2.00

South American Yerba Mate Ice Tea with a touch of White Grape Juice and Lemon

Water Bottled $1.00 


Box-Cut Bread $8.00

8 inch round Sourdough Loaf stuffed with caramelized onions, cheddar and swiss cheese, Baked. Enough for two

Fiesta Frittata $6.00/$5.00v

Eggs baked with Chorizo and/or seasonal veggies, herbs and cheese, topped with fresh mixed green salad, spiced pepitas GF

Seahawks Special $5.00

Organic mixed greens, tomatoes, radish, blueberries and avocado (seasonal)

ADD: chicken or salmon +$2

*We rotate our menu items weekly and usually serve*

Two-Three choices of HASH
Two choices of Sandwich/Slider/ Tacos
Beans or Soup
Two Sides and Box-Cut Bread
Cookie and Drinks

**$500 minimum for private catered events  ​